What a great headline – “Why Salespeople Fail”! How many articles have you read with this title?

If I knew the fix to this question I would rich and on an island somewhere getting sunburned. Many factors impact this question yet I am going to address it and my hopes are you will take these ideas and ultimately increase sales in your dealership.

First, my dad shared a quote with me early on in my sales career. He told me: “Buyer’s are liars”. Well, I felt that was a little crude but eventually learned prospects don’t always share the whole truth and many times hold information back?  They fear you manipulating them and they have seen most of the “tricks” over the years and they also feel you will use whatever information they share with you against them so in their mind – they are playing fair. So far – nothing new.

They know one of your first goals as a salesperson is to get as much information out of them as you can and here is where it begins:

  • They give out vague and as little information as possible about their current situation.
  • They could really need a car but won’t give you a clue.
  • They won’t talk honestly about how much money they have to spend or intend to spend.
  • They won’t tell you how they go about making their buying decision.
  • They tell you nothing but want to know everything you know.
  • And finally, as a salesperson you need to understand it really does not make much difference what they tell you at this time because most of it is a lie anyway.
  • They have a motto: “Get as much information as you can in as little time as you can and get out as soon as they can!”
  • We have a motto: “Give out as little information as you have to – slow them down – get a commitment!”

Again – nothing really new yet. Now is where we get into breaking things down to do a better job.

So we greet them on the lot – go to a car and start telling them about all the great “Features & Benefits”. Question #1 – Do they buy Features & Benefits? NO. They buy solutions. So in order to share solutions we have to know there problems or real situation. In order to know their real situation we have to established “TRUST”. Question #2 – How are your salespeople doing on the “building TRUST level”? Think about Social Media right now – what if your salespeople had the last 30 deliveries with pictures of satisfied customers, comments from them, video clips of them saying things, would this help in the TRUST area? Do your salespeople use LinkedIn? Have the really used it and are using the “recommendations” area? Would this help in the TRUST area. Question #3 – How are we doing training our salespeople around the following quote: “Prescription before diagnosis IS malpractice?” So now the burden comes back to training. It comes back to values and what is the most important part of the selling process. Question #4 – Is it handling objections – or is it Qualifying/Fact Finding?

We spend so much time training on objections – I was always taught the true definition of an Objection is an “unanswered sales question”. If we did a better job of investigating up front wouldn’t yo agree we would answer objections BEFORE they come up? And one final comment about “handling objections”, no one wants to be handled. I hope this isn’t a shock to you nut handling objections creates a very negative feeling for the customer.

One more: Question #5 – do we do enough training on closing techniques? Or maybe it should be – Do we do TOO much training on closing techniques? Here are my questions for you: How many new closes do you have? How many of those do you feel are NEW to your prospect?

Here is my challenge for you – rather than people on your sales team being proud of being the “RAMBO CLOSER”, strive to have them be the best “OPENER”. You’ll sell more, happier customers, better testimonials, higher profits, less turnover.

If I can help contact me at: rshjh@aol.com / call me at 815-978-5038 / visit my web site: www.hembroughbusinesssyst.com

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Years of experience working with dealerships - helping sell more cars. Addressing the latest techniques to keep up with a rapidly changing market. Internet - Reputation Management - Phone-Ups - Owner Retention / all are segments I specialize in.

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