10 Rock Solid Ideas

1.) If you noticed from the colors attached to this article they are “Fall Colors” and towards the end of the month the kids will be celebrating “Halloween”. I didn’t realize that “Halloween” only follows Christmas for people spending money on seasonal events. It is estimated that upwards of $7.5 billion will be spent this year on costumes, candy and decorations for the Halloween season.

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Get with the trend. Decorate the showroom, the service entrance, buY some pumpkins, bails of hay and capitalize of this “Fall Moment”. Think about donating to schools for them to have events for the kids. Have your people dress up on Halloween in some great costumes, serve cider and donuts and get some publicity. The main thing – people are going to get into this Holiday whether or not you do – you might as well take advantage of this momentum and have it work for you.

2.) Reputation Management: “If you had a really bad comment posted about your dealership on the web, how much would you spend if someone said they could make it go away?”

Here’s the really good news, keep that money and this small trick will make it go people will not see it anymore.

Go to “www.google.com”
type in your franchise name – , (comma) – and your city.
Your dealership name should show up in the listing now and next to your name it should show a number and then the word “reviews”.
click on the “7 Reviews”
You will now see on this page how people can just click and write a review. It’s that simple to get people to write good things about you.

3. Easiest Way to get Good Comments: Have someone really sharp do your CSI calls. Someone that is really good at engaging the customer. When they come across a customer that is really satisfied, ask this: “We’re so happy you feel that way. Would you mind sharing how you feel about ….?” “What I would like to do is send you a link and have you type out the comments you just shared, it is very important to (that salesperson or the dealer or whomever).

You will be amazed how many people WILL help out and within hours of making this call you will have a great post on your “Reviews” area.

4. Another small idea to follow #3. Don’t invite everybody to give you feedback. Don’t be inviting everyone during your follow-up calks to make comments, or at time of delivery, or in a survey card, just ask the ones you KNOW will have positive remarks.

5. Making money from these surveys: Here is one that very few dealers have thought of. Special Finance people, secondary finance people. We usually don’t include them in these type of surveys or follow up but think about it for a moment. Following delivery these people as a rule think you walk on water. You have helped them out with a tough situation and they love you. Send them to this site and ask them to make comments. Actually design a page just for these people.

Now that you have built up a collection of great comments about your Special Finance Department use it this way. In most stores I visit, at the beginning our show ratio is much lower than traditional phone-ups. Part of our script is asking for the e-mail address of the person and then sending them links to all of these comments by satisfied customers and wait and see what will happen to your show ratio overnight.

6. While we are on the Internet – think about this: Does every Internet lead but at the same time? Obviously the answer to this is NO. Some buy right away. Some in 30 days and some not for 90-120 days. Do you have “Processe3s” or “Schedules” that are designed to do follow-up based on when your customer wants to buy?

7. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – During the Month of October build into ALL YOUR ADS – $50 from the sale of every vehicle sold will be donated to Fighting Breast Caner

8. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – During the Month of October build into ALL YOUR ADS – $10 from every “Oil Change” will be donated to Fighting Breast Cancer

9. Mobile Marketing – are you using testing to keep your name in front of your entire owner base? Are you using E-Zines, something that looks like this to keep your name in front of your entire owner base EVERY MONTH? The key to texting in automobile dealerships is for every time you want to run a sales message – you have to run 3 giveaways. We make arrangement with coffee shops and giveaway a free coffee to our loyal customers. We have given away desserts at fancy restaurants, or appetizers or something that is free so they WANT to open your messages.

10. Engage your customers when you send out a message. I am holding back #10 which is the BEST idea I have for those that put “comments” down below as to which idea they thought of to be the best. So if you want to see Idea #10 – you must make a comment below and I will send you Idea #10.

Now for the sales pitch from Scott. I do Internet training, phone training but just as important I do management training. I look for ways to make the dealership more profitable. The easy ones are the in-coming calls. But their are so many ways I bring into a dealership that can make them more profitable, but the biggest thing is the time in which I do it. The fact that I have implemented these ideas in numerous stores I know the shortcuts, the objections, the resistance you are going to run into before you even get started. I can get thing accomplished in weeks that it takes dealerships months to do. Call me to discuss this more and let me help you make the lest quarter your most profitable quarter.

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Years of experience working with dealerships - helping sell more cars. Addressing the latest techniques to keep up with a rapidly changing market. Internet - Reputation Management - Phone-Ups - Owner Retention / all are segments I specialize in.

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