Notes from Coaching sessions with Kevin Hall & Dave Blanchard Session #1 5 PRACTICES OF TRUE PATHFINDERS 11/1/2011

I am 60 years old and have worked all of my life. I am grateful for s many things, for the people, the experiences, the Ups & Downs – but I know there is more. A couple of months back I was attending a meeting and the guest speaker was Kevin Hall. His story was great – but I have heard many a great stories over the years. From having Jim Rohn came to my place of business to seeing Og Mandino in person in Chicago. It happened a few weeks after the convention – I received an offering from Kevin Hall to participate in a “Coaching Session” he would be offering and I decided to “Go For It”. These are my notes from the sessions and I do this to help others and be a better me for those around me.

We start with a Framework – a Foundation

It is best to think of being a Path Finder – Intentional Creator

Leader                  Lea = Path                           Der = Finder

5 Unique Things

  1. Able to read the clues that guide them on the path
  2. Success leaves clues. They are very clear about where they are going.
  3. Recognize and embrace your natural gift. You are created perfectly – be open to your natural gifts.
  4. Willing to sacrifice – make sacred, significant contributions. Passion is willing to suffer for what you love.
  5. They follow their BLISS. They recognize people who are in there life for a reason.

Intentional Creation

A true path finder is will to do the work, to suffer; this is a sacred thing to go after our dreams.

Hard work is not boring. Passion driven work we just go on and on from preparation to realization.

Those who are seeking Abundance have dreams, secret desires and real intentions.

Write down what your secret desires are. Where is it going and why are you going there?

People today are tired, there is a long line hoping for ease, having life more simplified.

People have a definition of success today to get away and above there problems they have had.

“I long to cry for the God of my youth – but the God of my youth will not hear me cry. I must change my God or change my cry.”

What is my CRY? If it is a cry for ease, it is an attempt to ship the work of creation and it will never be answered.

Self Improvement – a fantasy to visualize. You cannot ship creation. Visualize the “HOW” of attaining, not spending time on the accomplishment. It will come after the HOW.

“5 Words”

  1. Engage in life
  2. Embrace Principles – always endure
  3. Focus – Agape Love – connecting with and serving others – we are fulfilled going outwards
  4. 4. Creating Value everywhere we go – leave people better
  5. Enriching the world – we live in a “give me my share” world – we3 contribute.

Let go of the desire for ease and life without stress and pain and choose to engage, embrace, connect and serve. Create value and contribute to the world. This is how we move from Success to Significance.

Agape love invites us to embrace the challenge ‐ what is. It invites us to let go of resistance, press forward with undying determination, focused on possibilities. In short, it invites us to make the most of what is.

It is the willingness to do the work.

You cannot have success without significance.

Art Berg quote: “I am grateful that life is difficult – because difficulties create change and change creates growth.”

In Goal Setting it is not the process, it is not the setting of goals that is fun, it is the mapping out and the dreams of what you are capable of dreaming – focusing on mutually beneficial dreams, aspirations that serve not just you, but others. If you are linked to your gifts you are capable of achieving your goals.

When we are in creation – then we move from the physical plain to the spiritual plain.

Bring Passion into the equation of creation and it is Passion that moves us from physical to Spiritual.

When you have Passion you don’t just start something – you finish things.

Finishing is what separates thing and people.

Incomplete goals and tasks affect our personal Integrity.

Move from “I’ll Ty” to “I’ll Do.”

  • “I’ll Try” builds in excuses
  • “DO” we commit to finish no matter what?

When we engage at that level I am willing to pay the price with Passion and excitement knowing it links to my gifts and benefits someone other than me and the Spiritual energy that guides the path is powerful and present.

Ways to Ignite Vivid Visualization:

The very gift that which we create passion is the same vivid visualization gift we used in fantasy.

If I use my vivid visualization to seek guidance for HOW I can better engage, embrace, connect and serve and create value and contribute – there is a force of creation that will come to the stage of my vivid visualization, my mind – the word is manifest.

It will:

  • Manifest an idea
  • Manifest an impression
  • Manifest a solution t a problem

When we use our vivid visualization this way – it is beneficial because there is a portion for our brain that is ignited – it ignites our Passion to do whatever – the ideas / the solutions / the impressions are now so clear in our mind.

Without Passion – if it is missing is makes things hard

Visualize the flow of abundance that flows through you and onto others. If just one person needs it – give it away.

You can accomplish anything you wish that is not contradictory to the laws of God or man providing you are willing to pay the price. The key word is willing.

Service to others and be Willing.

Your gifts are not about you. Leadership is not about you. Purpose is not about you. It is about those that you serve with purpose.

The link to Passion is being willing to suffer for what you love.

Recognize that without that service to others – it is bring, mundain and repetitious work.

We FEAR things when we focus on only ourselves.

When we focus on others and when we come from Love we become grateful and fear disappears.

Abundance is not something we win or seek to receive – it is a process that we actively participate in and become.  

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