Great Subject Lines for getting E-Mails Opened

If you’re like most of us you don’t pay much attention to the subject lines. In most cases it is an afterthought. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Your subject line is probably the most important part of your message. If it’s not a good one, your email gets trashed almost instantly. Research done by “ExactTarget” shows that the average person spends only 2.7 seconds on a message before deciding if they’ll delete it, forward it or read it.

Just 2.7 seconds. That’s all the time you have to get the reader’s attention. That’s why your subject line is critical.

First, let’s talk about what you don’t want to put in a subject line. In order to avoid auto-deletes, it’s imperative for you to:

  • Avoid salesy verbiage. Get rid of words like: excited, hot new product, free offer or special pricing.
  • Avoid info on your company. They could care less and the only one interested in your new product announcements or company updates is you.
  • Avoid capital letters. Just the first word should be capped. Otherwise it seems like a headline, not a personal message.

Now, let’s talk about what does work in your prospecting emails. Here are several ideas that have worked with today’s super-busy prospects.

  • Use a referral. If someone has referred you to this person, put that in your subject line. They’ll want to know why. For example, you might write: Terry Jones said to get in touch.
  • Ask a quick question. If your prospect feels it’s simple and relevant, they’ll take a look. Your subject line might read: Quick question re: new client acquisition challenges.
  • Tempt with ideas or information. My prospects are always interested in subject lines like this: Idea to increase gross profit instantly with no cost involved.
  • Mention a trigger event. If something is happening within the company or in their greater business environment that’s relevant to your offering, bring that up. For example, if you read about a recent merger, you might write: Impact of Internet Leads in Today’s Dealerships towards sales (insert relevant business issue you address.)

Are you getting the picture? To work, your subject lines must focus on something your prospect cares about. If you do that, they’ll keep reading.

Here’s a critical issue. Once they start reading your message, it needs to deliver exactly what you promised in your subject line.

If you try to trick them and move into a salesy mode or talk about your company, they’ll instantly have an auto-delete reaction. They can’t control it. And you’ve lost the opportunity to open the conversation.

I hope by now you are starting to understand just how critical those simple little subject lines are to your sales success. I’d suggest you sit down right now and create 10 new ones you can use in the upcoming weeks.

And, one more suggestion, start tracking for success.
See if you can tell which subject lines are getting the most “readership” with your prospects. Don’t be afraid to create variations of what is working to improve if. Using these ideas you should immediately see the difference in your sales funnel.

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Years of experience working with dealerships - helping sell more cars. Addressing the latest techniques to keep up with a rapidly changing market. Internet - Reputation Management - Phone-Ups - Owner Retention / all are segments I specialize in.

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