Getting Healthy

It started last October when Jan and I were at a Nu Skin meeting in Salt Lake City. Ken Duchtwald, PhD was the featured speaker and he was pointing out how we are living longer, our retirement amount needs to be adjusted because living longer means you’ll need more money. But the question he asked that hit home with Jan and I: “How do you want to spend those last 10 years?” “Walking with a walker?” “Not able to get around?” His point was how we take care of ourselves today is going to determine how we feel and get around when we are 80 – 85 or older.

So Jan and I started with Nu Skin vitamin and weight loss products. I also went to the Doctor and had a physical. I was 203 lbs. and my blood levels were terrible. Cholesterol 215 / Triglycerides 343 / High Density – Glucose 102. We started taking Nu Skin vitamins, Vitality, AC Complex, Metabpotrim. I lost about 15 lbs and Jan lost about 10.

Then in January is where we started to really go after dropping the weight. We started using Dr. Wayne Anderson’s: Habits of Health eating ideas. I strongly suggest the first thing you do is you are serious is get his book and learn how we get so overweight and how to address it. We bought the Medifast food and started following that very very closely.

Now let me say something about the word DIET. Jan and I are not on a DIET. We have chosen to eat healthy. The “Medifast 5 & 1” is a crash course in getting your weight under control – learning how to eat healthy is a choice you make to feel better and live longer. We started dropping 5-7 lbs. every week. I started dropping inches off my waste line. When I started I was wearing size 42 pants – today 33. Dropping those pounds and inches gets you jazzed to keep going. Now this whole time we started mixing and matching things into the Medifast food – we wanted to keep this fun and not your so called DIET. By February the pounds were flying off. Jan weren’t from a size 14 down to a 12 down to a 10 and now she is wearing a size 8. (And, she doesn’t like me saying this – she is HOT)

By March we are starting to work our way back more into the mainstream of eating less of the Medifast food and more regular food. Our choice was to watch the calories, the carbs and make sure items had a good protein count. When we go to the grocery store now we don’t just lick things up off the shelf, we read the labels first. 

I go back to the Doctor and have my blood reading done again. We are blown away. Cholesterol was 215 – now 191 / Triglycerides was 343 – now 199 / High Density – Glucose was 102 – now 87. My blood pressure was perfect, my energy level was high, I had started light exercising – we had bought a WII and I started working out with that.

One important item. I had a “Coach”. Someone who had been down this path before me – shared with me his experiences, what to expect, problems I would probably face, held me accountable and that I think is what made it work and still makes it work today. I have chosen to become a Certified Coach for Nu Skin and Medifast. I am coaching people now. One person I spoke with today started 6 weeks ago and was 335 lbs and today was 307 wearing clothes he hasn’t worn in years.

If you are serious – this works. Between the vitamins – using the “crash course” and then maintaining health eating habits – it just makes sense and works. The costs – I get paid for selling the food, the vitamins – the coach cost s you nothing. And, Jan and I figured we spend about 2/3 now of what we used to spend. We are actually saving money and getting healthy.

Call me if you are serious and want help. Scott Hembrough 815-978-5038.



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