“How to get those extra two cars out of your salespeople”

Catchy title isn’t it? When I speak with sales manager’s and we discuss productivity it seems like they almost always have the same reason why they just can’t get the results they want. But before you read on – I am writing this article for one reason – “Help you sell more vehicles”. So if it hits close to home, I am not writing this in a condescending manner. I am just being very straight forward on my observations and my ideas for improvements.

The first reason I always get is: “There just isn’t enough time in the day, I’m just maxed out.”
The next answer is usually: “We just can’t seem to find the caliber of people we used to have.”
And the third answer – usually varies around inventory, Internet problems, “our market is different”, a little more mixed than the previous two answers.

Now I want to share with you what I feel are the real problems and what you can start doing today to get those additional sales.

Most manager’s are promoted from within. Most manager’s were at one time the “Top” salesperson and that is what got them promoted. The problem is they were probably the “best closer”. Being the best closer does not make you the best manager. So how much training have your manager’s been provided? Then you take that and compound it with their “time problem”, how much time do they have for “self improvement”? They are probably struggling just to read all of the information that comes from the factory let alone read a book – or participate in a webinar.

The next problem I see is the managers, by default, have a lot of data provided to them but it is not the kind of data that drives sales and sells cars and helps sell those additional 2 cars. They can tell you the days supply of cars in inventory – they can tell you the stats on the next allocation – they can tell you G.P. on the front end and the back end – but none of that data drives sales.

Here is how you drive your sales: Your manager sits down and takes calls with a salesperson. Then the salesperson takes some calls. The manager makes some outgoing calls. Then the salesperson makes some outgoing calls. You listen like a fly when he greets a customer. You listen like a fly when he is in a closing situation.

The manager takes this information and prepares a “Plan” for the salesperson to improve. Try this – walk up to a salesperson and hand them a blank piece of paper and ask them to write down the closes they use. It won’t take long because they don’t have that large of an arsenal. If you know a salesperson only has 5 closes, part of your plan would be to help them increase this to 20 – 25.

Your manager must know each salespersons closing ratio – know their phone up count / appointment % / show ratio / closing ratio. The manager must know what they are saying in the outgoing emails. Do they do video “walk-arounds” on their phone and post them to YouTube?  Can they copy “links” to your YouTube channel into e-mails? Can they copy a link to your Google Reviews for a customer?

This is the data that drives sales and before you tell me you don’t have time – investing time in the above items reduces time later so it all balances out.

A suggestion I strongly make is one Brian Tracy shared in his training years ago – you do the thing you like least the first thing in the morning. Managers MUST do One-on-Ones with each salesperson first thing every morning.

I am always interested in hearing opinions and ideas from people I have crossed paths with. If you have questions, comments or would like some help formulating your plan – give me a call or send me an e-mail. Good luck and “keep on growin”.

About scotth6633

Years of experience working with dealerships - helping sell more cars. Addressing the latest techniques to keep up with a rapidly changing market. Internet - Reputation Management - Phone-Ups - Owner Retention / all are segments I specialize in.

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