6 ways to improve profits in 2019 – Module 2 Service Advisors

This is module #2 of my training program: “Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY” designed specifically for Service Advisors.

This is a MUST WATCH – you will see all of the opportunities to increase service sales and dealership profits.

Service Advisors will see how they can make $100,000 per year selling service.

Scott Hembough

CELL: 815-978-5038 EMAIL: hembrough.scott@gmail.com

About scotth6633

I started in the automobile business working my way up with my dad, a very successful Buick dealer in Rockford Illinois. In the mid 80's I decided it was time to venture out on my own and began training. Over the years I have had to evolve with the changes that occur in our business and have structured my training to be personalized for what works best for each client one at a time. 30 years later it is still changing rapidly, each dealership situation is different, each salesperson within that dealership is different so designing training that works for "them" has been my goal years ago and is my goal today. Design training that works for the participants, one person at a time.

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