A NEW Chapter in life.

I started working for my dad, at his car store, when I was 14. I fell in love with the car business on day #1. I loved the exhaust fumes, getting greasy, and listening to the mechanics cuss and the salesman, telling the most exaggerated stories. I loved it all. That was in 1965.

I worked for my dad for years, gaining experience in every department. Then, in the mid 80’s, I became a trainer and traveled the United States for the next 35 years. I accumulated a lot of mileage points. This enabled me to see the world with my wife Jan…all on mileage points. It was a great chapter in both of our lives. After 43 years, my greatest claim to fame is that I am married to Jan.  All our children, Renee, Trevor and Meghan, live in Rockford. This career move will give me a lot more time to be with my family, more than I ever had when I was traveling across the country, on training assignments. 

Fast forward to December 2019.  I decided it was time for me to close that chapter on my life. Not being ready to retire, I searched for a perfect fit.  After careful consideration, I chose to enter a field that I knew absolutely nothing about. WINDOWS.

January 1, 2020, I went to work for KOBYCO, INC. in Rockford. Gary Kobylarz is the owner. Gary has been in the window business for over 40 years. He has a great reputation in the industry, and in the community.  He handles only the best products. I fell in love with his values and standards for quality and customer service. I am having a great time learning about new ways that I can apply my skills in sales and customer service at KOBYCO, INC. 

So, if you see me around town or in church on Sunday’s, stop me and say HI. The biggest adjustment I am having is the 3 ½ minute drive to work. After collecting over 3,000,000 travel miles over the past 35 years, coming home for lunch is a BIG adjustment.

And finally, if you need help with windows, patio doors, front doors, inside doors, awnings or closet organizers – you now have a friend in the business. Please give me an opportunity to show you my new love.

About scotth6633

I sell windows & doors differently - understanding every home is unique, every situation is unique and it's not about the material or the window, it is the experience and result it provides for the customer that is most important. Whether it be a replacement window it isn't a matter of putting a standard size window into a hole in the wall. It's a matter of expertly fitting a custom window into the home with care, respect, and being professional it was creates the real experience people want when it comes to working in ones home.

2 responses to “A NEW Chapter in life.”

  1. J C Harward says :

    Hopes this works for you. it’ll be nice to get off road. God bless you and your family.
    J C

  2. Paul DeMoret says :

    Congratulations Scott, you always make your business a success. I wish you and Jan all the luck.

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