Interest rates as low as .25%

Good morning,

As we all continue to feel the increased impact of the Coronavirus we feel it is important to share with you we have heightened our cleaning and disinfecting procedures, to maintain a healthy environment for our customers, and team members.

These current conditions we have been experiencing are scary! Thankfully, THEY WILL RETURN TO NORMAL, hopefully soon. Bread will be back on the racks. Toilet paper will be back on the shelves. (I bought bread and toilet paper yesterday.)

On a more positive note, I had a customer just recently tell me how they were going to take advantage of this situation. Mortgage rate have dropped, dramatically, to such a low level that refinancing would enable him to pay for the new windows he wants. They could include paying off both cars, all, at an extremely low, tax deductible rate. They will still have a lower house payment! This may be something that could work for you, as well.

In February we had our 35th Anniversary Open House and the manufacturers gave us special discounts to help with our sale. Those discounts have been extended thru April 15th. Time for someone to consider a refinance package… You might want to keep this in your back pocket as an added incentive to buy now.

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. If I can help you with your window or doors, let me know. In the interim, let’s all embrace getting things “back to normal”. 

Have a Great Day,

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About scotth6633

I sell windows & doors differently - understanding every home is unique, every situation is unique and it's not about the material or the window, it is the experience and result it provides for the customer that is most important. Whether it be a replacement window it isn't a matter of putting a standard size window into a hole in the wall. It's a matter of expertly fitting a custom window into the home with care, respect, and being professional it was creates the real experience people want when it comes to working in ones home.

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