Weekday #2 of our quarantine.

Weekday 2 of our quarantine: Yesterday was a great day around the Hembrough household. I cleaned a room in the basement we are going to paint, Jan cleaned and began painting our shelves in the kitchen, I spoke to some old friends I haven’t spoken with in some time, some regular friends to keep up to date with, and some friends from church whom I used to work with from the Tech Team that are now working remotely from the Internet,  so seeing them is not an option.

Another thing I did yesterday was listen to too much news. The “blame game” going back and forth, the Internet with all of its “conspiracy” theories, just way too much of it and that is what I want to focus on this morning.

I have a choice today, a choice to make history today. I listened to Andy Stanley this morning and he was speaking of the time when Paul was in jail, sharing his stories of his time with Jesus with Mark so it could be documented. Andy shared that when the stories of COVID-19 are shared in the future with our grandchildren, will “your” story from this time be worth sharing? WOW – what a great question. You see, every decision, every action, and effort we make during these times is creating our own personal story. Will that story be worth telling your grandchildren? Will you be proud of it?

So as you move thru this day, as you consider helping the person next to you or not, you consider reaching out to someone you may not have spoken with in a while or not, remember. Your actions, your decisions, these things are creating your stories. Are these the stories you want to share with your grandchildren when this situation and the Coronavirus is behind us? Don’t miss any opportunities to create great stories.

God Bless – Be Safe – and Help who you can during this and all times – Scott

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