Weekday #4 of our quarantine.

Weekday 4 of our quarantine: By now the uniqueness of our “stay in” situation is starting to wear thin and stress a lot of us. So, with that in mind, today I am going to speak on: “5 Ways to stay UP in Down Times”.  

As much as we may hope, life is not all ups and happy times. Let me share the economic ones I have lived thru and survived:

1973 – 1st Oil embargo I experienced at Hembrough Buick. Big car sales just STOPPED

1979/80 – Interest rates capped at 20% – not a lot of car sales then

1991 – the Gulf War & Desert Storm

2001 – 9-11 – I was doing training on the road and that became difficult

2008 – The financial collapse and meltdown  

Challenging times are part of life, the above doesn’t even scratch the surface when you add personal and family issues into consideration. How well we’re personally managing these ups and downs enables us to maximize the ups and minimize the downs. Accepting that down times are a certainty, one of the things I think we should be asking ourselves is: “How do we stay Up in Down Times?”

  1. Media – I am not suggesting you cover your ears, stay ignorant, live under a rock, just stay informed but don’t become obsessed. Don’t get pulled into things you cannot control, focus on things you can control and replace TV viewing with maybe – READING a book, reconnecting with others or helping someone out.
  2. Be positive – talk positive – demonstrate HOPE. Do your best to keep your mind clear of negativity and try to replace those thoughts with positive ones. This has a “double whammy” benefit – 1st it makes you feel better and could be just what the person you interreact with needs.
  3. Don’t get sucked into the “Domesday” dialogue. The end result of this is needless stress and worry about things that for the most part won’t ever happen.
  4. Take inventory of where you are, what you have and the benefits you really should be appreciating.  We can’t be grateful and possess a negative attitude at the same time. Look for things to be grateful for in your current situation. Family, roof over your head, pets, health, your job, your car, your clothes, no matter how small or large – stop what you are doing and grab your pen and paper and jot down whatever benefits – small or large – come to mind and read thru them and immediately your mindset will shift from being a victim to being grateful.
  5. Prayer – Belief – Hope – Trust. I have to accept the fact that with all of my talent I DID NOT make the Universe. I just occupy an itsy-bitsy space in this magnificent place. I have to remember I didn’t make the mountains, the beautiful lakes and rivers so maybe I should work on improving my lines of communication with the One that did create those things. I start my day with my devotion time, and I can 100% state the days I am “too busy” are not as enjoyable as the ones I don’t travel alone. He is with me.

Remember, when times are tough, that doesn’t dictate or describe who you are. You are not defeated until you quit. Stay positive, stay up, stay productive and if you are having tough times with this, pick up the phone and call me and maybe I can help: “Pump you UP”.

Until tomorrow – be safe and HAPPY

Scott Hembrough

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