An update from Scott Hembrough

These times are like nothing we have experienced before. Stay in – wear masks – “social distancing” – restaurant food only available for pick-up or delivery – our times are different, and Jan and I are doing our best to practice all of them.

To keep busy, we have painted our kitchen, great room and this week we will be painting the exercise/music room we have in the basement. Yesterday with the weather being so nice we got a lot of yard work done. Boy can I feel it today. I have to admit, after being married for 43 years, spending this much time together is such a big change for us. The biggest challenge I have is that I have no routine. My normal routine is getting up at 4:30 – exercising, doing my devotional – filling in my Day Planner for my “things to do” for today, being out and about by 7:30. Having church services available online to view at any time. Not having these timelines in place has made the days blend together. These things have made it that when I get up in the morning sometimes, I have to ask Jan; ”What day is it today?”

From a work side, Kobyco also followed all of the rules and asked its employees to stay home, stay safe, and just be available if customers need assistance. We have had some new customers request new windows and doors and have practiced safety by doing the measurements from the outside only, not going into people’s homes, emailing the quotes and discussing them online, emailing work contracts and handling items via the Internet. A number of people have and are opting to move forward taking into consideration the lead time is now is running from 6-8 weeks from the time the contract is signed. And most people share they hope and believe this will be over by that period of time and they won’t be delayed any longer than that. So, if you have a quote and want to move forward, send me an email, or give me a call and we can proceed safely so you won’t have a delay after things get back to normal.

The final thing I will share is I am working hard to keep a positive attitude about things. I give myself a goal to reach out to 5 people every day and let them know I care about them. 

I’ll end by referring to an optimistic post I saw on Facebook:

So, until then, “Hang in There”. And If you feel like it, drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. This too will pass.

Scott Hembrough

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I sell windows & doors differently - understanding every home is unique, every situation is unique and it's not about the material or the window, it is the experience and result it provides for the customer that is most important. Whether it be a replacement window it isn't a matter of putting a standard size window into a hole in the wall. It's a matter of expertly fitting a custom window into the home with care, respect, and being professional it was creates the real experience people want when it comes to working in ones home.

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