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SERVICE – the Future of the Car Business

Is your service the “backend” or is it the “BACKBONE” of your dealership?

2018 the Future Sales or Service

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The Digital Disruption by Scott Hembrough

This is a video I prepared that addresses:

  1. Changes and more changes taking place in the automobile dealerships today.
  2. All the various areas I work with in dealerships to help with the Internet challenges.
  3. The techniques I use when working with dealerships that make me unique and describes why my processes work.

Please take the time to view and if I can help – please contact me.

Now if you are a friend or an acquaintance, I am sure you are driving which means you purchased a vehicle from a dealership – please forward to them and help me find a few new clients.

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Game Plan 2015

Are you planning for Maximizing Profits for 2015?

Hembrough Business Systems Helps 50 Year Dealership turn things around

Scott Hembrough of Hembrough Business Systems worked with Cannon Auto Group in Lakeland, Flordia – a 2nd generation dealership that was struggling from bouncing back from the financial slow down the entire auto industry suffered from.

Scott helped with Internet, phone training, overall dealership processes and listen to the credit Danny Cannon gives Scott regarding the dealerships profitability.

How is the Internet portion of your business doing?

Bigger and Stronger than ever or you are missing something. A year ago I read stats that 70% of the people shopping for vehicles today went online for 11 hours – submitted either an e-mail or called on average of 4.5 places prior to entering a dealership. Then about 2 weeks ago I participated in a webinar put on by Cobalt and their latest data states 60% of the people do on-line research for 19 hours and now visit a dealership WITHOUT submitting an e-mail or calling first. WOW – what a change!!!

The dealerships I work with are having record setting months and best profit years since mid-90’s. Primarily due to their Internet departments. When you read on you will have links from salespeople, Internet manager’s, general manager’s and dealers sharing exactly how we made their departments run more efficiently.

The first thing we need to understand i “how the customer is thinking today?” What makes them “tick”. If we can better understand how the customer is thinking we can begin to get more of them to “click” which is the key to growing your Internet department.

61% of the people will visit dealership inventories after visiting you web site.  With pre-owned you need to be re-pricing your entire inventory EVERY WEEK. If you have a 60 day and out process – it makes no sense you have that vehicle listed on the INTERNET at 60days with a $5,000 mark-up. You should be re-pricing at 30 – 45 – 50 – 55 days. The inventory page is like your showroom – you got them their – now you want them to move to our next step which is contact you.

50% of the people decide while on your inventory page if you are even on their list of dealerships to visit.

69% of the people today will visit a dealership WITHOUT sending an email or making a phone call.

73% of the people will purchase something other than we they originally began searching for. So this one area right here explains why it is so important to get people to the dealership. The key is having great techniques for taking the calls. Listen to your calls and see how well your people do at expanding the choices people are calling in on? In other words, when someone calls in on a 2010 Malibu, are we asking: “Is that the only vehicle you are interested in”? If the customer is stating: “Yes, I just want to know if that car is available and the best price on it”? If this is the case you are using archaic techniques. The customer must feel like you care and you have a variety of vehicles that match the real needs they shared with you. I use a technique where I say: “While I’m getting the information on the 2010 Malibu – would you also like information on the 2009 and 11?” This works 90% of the time.

Today you have to be GREAT on the telephone and very professional with your e-mail responses.

Hembrough Business Systems works with a “Seasoned Vet” Salesperson

Barry P. is a “Seasoned Vet” salesperson, the most challenging for a training to work with in a dealership. Many times they are set in their own ways. Most of the time the feel they “have a better way”.

Barry explains how he “resisted”, “fought” techniques Scott wanted to share with him. But in the long run he gave it a try. Now he credits four to five additional sales each month by  using the techniques Scott taught in his dealership.

Internet Manager comments regarding Scott Hembrough

JR Roney has been a BDC/Internet Manager for a number of years. Approximately 6 months before this video he started working with Scott and using his training techniques.

His appointment ratio has increased, his show ratio is up and ultimately he and his dealership are making more sales and money.