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6 ways to improve profits in 2019 – Module 2 Service Advisors

This is module #2 of my training program: “Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY” designed specifically for Service Advisors.

This is a MUST WATCH – you will see all of the opportunities to increase service sales and dealership profits.

Service Advisors will see how they can make $100,000 per year selling service.

Scott Hembough

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6-part series – Module 1 “Directional Team” – Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY

I invite you to view Part 1 (for managers) of Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY – the Directional Team



How Automobile Dealers can improve profits $500,000+

I recently had the opportunity to participate on a Program called Profitability MD.

Dave Mulvaney and Matt Hudgins were the hosts, they help business owners make more money, have more freedom and enjoy the journey all at the same time.

Here is a link to that session.

Click here – to view.

If you are ready to stop leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, call and I will explain how I have made it work in other dealerships and how we can make it work in yours.