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HOW TO operate your 2023 Subaru Outback Infotainment Touch Screen

The 2023 Subaru Outback gets a new update for the infotainment touch screen display.Step by step showing wireless Apple Carplay for the Subaru Outback! I show you some other nice updates to the touch screen.

The SUBARU Global Platform – SAFETY INFO

Everyone knows Subaru is a safe vehicle. This video explains in detail what goes into a Subaru That makes it such a safe vehicle. And if you recall in your conversation, my wife drives an Outback and my daughter drives a Forester – these are the reason those are our choices.

Comparing the Outback vs. the Forester

The most common 2 vehicles that get compared in the Subaru lineup are the Outback and the Forester.

In this video we will review overall size, height, length, seating configuration, towing capacity, equipment and much much more.

HOW THE Subaru Symmetrical AWD makes Subaru Different

What makes the Subaru Symmetrical AWD unique. Why so many Subaru owners become loyal customers because of this feature and the benefits it offers.

2022 Subaru – Core technologies – looking at driver technologies

Examine the vast amount of technologies offered to drivers today making vehicles safer and safer.

2022 Subaru – Core technologies

2022 Subaru – Core technologies – looking to the rear & sides for safety

In this video we will examine the safety items that protect you for the rear and side of the vehicle

2022 Subaru – Core technologies

2022 Subaru – Core Technologies – looking in the rear/Camera based systems

This video will show all of the rear safety items and especially those working with camera based systems.

2022 Subaru Core Technologies

2022 Subaru – Core Technologies

We start by taking a look into the future of Subaru vehicles and then inside a Subaru and the features you may have as you look forward in the vehicle.

2022 Subaru – A look ahead into the future