About Scott

Scott Hembrough, grew up in the automobile business with his father in Rockford, Illinois. After spending many years working directly beside his father he chose to begin his own business and started Hembrough Business Systems, an automotive sales training traveling the United States working “hands-on” with salespeople, manager’s and dealership owners.

As traveling was eliminated during “Covid”, Scott performed online training, however, just didn’t enjoy it as he had while working directly with his students. After trying to work outside the auto business for a short term, he decided it was time to return to what he knew and loved the most – automotive sales.

For years he had a client in Florida who had added the Subaru franchise while Scott was working with his dealership. Hey fell in love with the vehicles, so much so that Jan his wife and Meghan his daughter have owned numerous Subarus. After measuring the local Subaru dealerships using his experience or working with very successful car dealerships, it became very clear his choice to begin working in Elgin at Brilliance Subaru. The ownership beliefs and standards, the leadership team and the tenure of employees were all key factors in WHY he chose working at Brilliance.

If you are looking for a great SUV, come see me at Brilliance Subaru in Elgin, or if you are looking for a pre-owned car or truck, come see me or call.

I look forward to many more years or working helping people solve their transportation needs in a friendly, professional and FUN manner.

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