The 1st 5-Days / How to handle Internet leads for Maximum Results

Your best chance of engaging an Internet lead is within the 1st few days. In this I have shared all of the “tricks” I have learned watching – participating in webinars, along with “hands-on” work in dealerships.

I cover:

Call: in-coming / out-going / voice messages
Templates: the newest ideas to reduce spamming
Schedules: best chance for immediate contact as well as ideas for long term suggestions

Plus, I share a lot of training “fundamental” that usually don’t make it to the Internet department or the BDC guaranteed to help you increase sales.

Click here to view: The First 5 Days – Handling an Internet Request

Hembrough Business Systems Helps 50 Year Dealership turn things around

Scott Hembrough of Hembrough Business Systems worked with Cannon Auto Group in Lakeland, Flordia – a 2nd generation dealership that was struggling from bouncing back from the financial slow down the entire auto industry suffered from.

Scott helped with Internet, phone training, overall dealership processes and listen to the credit Danny Cannon gives Scott regarding the dealerships profitability.

Hembrough Business Systems comments from Colin Giddings

Colin Giddings has been an automobile dealer for 20+ years. He has ben in the business for the good times and the tough times.

Over the past few years he has struggled attaining the numbers he felt his store was capable of generating. He hired Scott Hembrough to come in and help get the sales that constantly were just out of reach. October 2012 sale exceeded any month in 2012 and showed record profits that he hadn’t seen since 2006.

After viewing call Scott and have him exp0lain how the Internet played a significant roll in attaining his results.

2020 Service Department TODAY

Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY

Click here: Becoming a 2020 Service Dept. TODAY

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Protected: Mike – Vietnam 11/1/1971

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Compute HOW MUCH you are leaving on the table

10000 Your current customer count According to NADA the average dealership has 10,000 names in it’s DMS database.
3000 Number of active customers
0.3 Estimated Retention Rate 30% Customer Retention is what NADA states the average is.
$300 Ave. Customer RO
2 Service visits per year ( enter 1, 2 o 3)
7000 Customers that got away
$1,932,000 This is the amount of Gross Profit that slips away from your dealership each year Using the Retention Rate plus an ave. of 2 visits per year with 70% of the people SLIPPING AWAY, this is the average Gross Profit PER YEAR the average dealership is sending to OUTSIDE SHOPS – according to latest NADA benchmarks.


15000 Your current customer count

Only enter data on cells colored in BLUE

4500 Number of active customers
0.3 Estimated Retention Rate
$255 Ave. Customer RO
2 Service visits per year ( enter 1, 2 o 3)
10500 Customers that got away
$2,463,300 This is the amount of Gross Profit that slips away from your dealership each year
15 Enter whatever % amount to see the increase Retention has on your bottom line
$369,495 This is the amount you would increase Gross Profit by increasing your Retention Rate PER YEAR
$10 Enter whatever dollar amount you want to increase your RO by and see how that impacts your GP
$96,600 This is the amount you would increase Gross Profit by increasing your GP/RO
$466,095 The combination of the two and how it would impact your Gross Profit PER YEAR


SERVICE – the Future of the Car Business

Is your service the “backend” or is it the “BACKBONE” of your dealership?

2018 the Future Sales or Service

Give me a call – Scott Hembrough – 815-978-5038 to arrange for an evaluation.

Smithsonian National Portrait Museum

On Sunday August 25, 2018, Jan, Meg and myself visited the Smithsonian National Portrait Museum in Washington D.C.. Although I have been to D.C. many of times, this was never on my list. IT WAS OUTSTANDING. Enjoy the pictures, and the following pages have the stories of that picture.



Samantha 8/25/18 Dinner “Good Luck”

This is a video of all the people at dinner saying “Best Wishes” to Samantha.