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It’s Easy with Subaru

Everybody says they are #1, when Subaru says it – we have the companies that people believe and trust to rate someone #1.

Subaru is #1

2024 Crosstrek WILDERNESS

So many cool , fun, exciting refinements into this new member of the Wilderness family.

Take a look at this video to see all they have, all it can do and what fun you can have in this New great Crosstrek WILDERNESS.

2024 Outback – Refinements / Model comparisons

What’s new for the 2024 Outback.

What is standard on the Premium – Limited – Touring

Your chance to really learn about the Outback

5 Reasons to buy the 2023 Subaru Forester

The 2023 Subaru Forester returns as. being one to Subaru’s best selling models. A crossover that’s practical, versatile, and affordable places the Forester as being a vehicle you must check out. With the 2.5L Boxer 4 cylinder engine and the CVT, the Forester just plain gets the job done in many ways. So here are 5 Reasons WHY You Should Buy The Subaru Forester.

HOW TO Set up your Subaru Homelink

In this video I show you how to connect your Subaru to your garage door opener using the Subaru Homelink mirror. This will show you how to set up your garage door and pair it with your Subaru. This eliminates the need for the garage door opener and pairs it with your Subaru mirror. You will need the Subaru homelink mirror in order to do this. If your Subaru isn’t equipped with the Subaru homelink mirror, in most models you can purchase this and have it added to your vehicle.

Here is a step by step guide to pair your garage door opener with your Subaru

1. press and hold the two outer HomeLink buttons (1 and 3), releasing only when the HomeLink indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds.

2. Press the button on the Subaru homelink mirror that you want to program and then press and hold both the button on handheld the transmitter to the garage door that you want to program. Once it flashed, then release.

3. Press and the Subaru homelink button you just programmed. If the garage door opens/closes then programming is complete. If it does not then proceed to step

4. Get a ladder and press and release the “learn” button on the back of your garage door motor head

5. Within 30 seconds get back into your vehicle and press and release the Subaru homelink button you just programmed up to 3 times or until your garage door activates.

Your Secret Subaru PIN CODE Access

This video shows you how to set up your secret Subaru pin code access on your new Subaru. The subaru pin code access is a convenient option to unlock your subaru without having the subaru key fob near. You can also lock your key fob inside your subaru and use the subaru pin code access to unlock your subaru. This is great when you want to lock your keys in your subaru while you go hiking, kayaking, or mountain biking. If you ever lose your subaru key fob, you can also unlock your subaru with the secret subaru pin code access.

Sixth Generation 2024 Impreza Highlights & Model Line-up

The 2024 Impreza has been upgraded, enhanced, perfected, it may look similar but a lot has changed and been improved for 2024. The addition of the Impreza RS – the differences in the lime up of trim levels. The upgrade of the new Starlink Multi Media – you will be surprised how much this car has to offer.